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FitIQ Asia is a highly engaged organisation that excels in providing comprehensive education, training, and support to employees, operators, owners, and industry newcomers in the fitness industry. We have established partnerships with some of the industry’s leading names to offer globally recognised programmes of study, international group fitness certifications, cutting-edge aqua-based training from an industry leader, and complimentary registration to the most transparent and accountable platform available that provides fitness professionals and operators with insights through an industry-leading rating system that considers industry experience, education, and references. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our learners receive the best possible education and perform on an equal footing to their US, European, and Australian counterparts, all whilst delivering unparalleled results to our support services partners.

Active IQ is a renowned education provider located in the United Kingdom. As an officially approved centre for delivering Active IQ international qualifications, we receive support and guidance from one of the UK’s leading health, wellness, and physical activity education qualifications and certifications. Active IQ is well-known for championing industry standards at the highest level in the UK and internationally, making it an ideal partner for us.

We chose Active IQ as our partner because they are passionate about learning and development and have extensive experience creating education programs tailored to a highly skilled workforce. Their approach aligns perfectly with our vision to empower fitness professionals in the Philippines by creating equal education standards.

All of our international programs of study, provided by Active IQ, support the EuropeActive Competence Framework and promote essential skills and knowledge mapped out in the European Health and Fitness Industry
EQF – Fitness levels.

Partnering with Active IQ enables us to empower our students, learners, and partners to achieve their highest potential.

Fitness Instructor

The purpose of this programme of study is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to be able to plan, deliver and supervise safe and effective exercise programmes within a gym or health club environment.

Fitness Assistant

The purpose of this programme of study is to provide students with the core knowledge of: how the body works; how to adopt an active, healthy lifestyle; and how to ensure a safe, clean and friendly environment to support the industry’s main goal to get ‘more people, more active, more often’.

Course Packages
Fitness Assistant Only
Fitness Instructor Only
Personal Trainer Only

NEW Modern Traineeship – Specialist program for operators struggling for fitness professionals.

Tailored Packages – available for operators/owners/employers looking to develop their team and build consumer confidence through international certifications.